10 Years Younger was borne out of necessity and embraces the ageing process. As time marches on and the next decade descends,  for many, the ageing process presents itself as a  depressing  myriad of indicators not least: injuries, aches, pains, lack of energy, stress and body fat just to name a few. These symptoms creep up and can often take the enjoyment out of sport and exercise because of the inability to keep up!  However as soon as we stop and slow down the body takes the signal to accelerate the ageing process and exaggerates those very symptoms. At 10 years younger we respect your age, your body, your symptoms and we design an exercise regime that is specific to your needs. At the heart of our philosophy is the ability to kick start the body to move, mobilize,  strengthen and stretch giving the mind and  body a new lease of life.


How Things Work

Chronological age is your actual age whilst biological age is a result of how your body has aged  by your lifestyle choices. Not many would be surprised at the variables that age us and promote “disease”; alcohol, smoking, inactivity, obesity, sugar  and chronic stress are probably the best known. Many of those variables manifest themselves  as inflammatory disease as we get older and it is commonly referred to as “inflamm-aging”. Common preventable conditions include joint pains, Arthritis. Colitis,  Diverticulitis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and arthrosclerosis. More often than not these conditions do not manifest in isolation, they  contribute to numerous conditions at once. The good news is, that by changing the variables we can often reverse the damage which reduces the risk factors which ultimately reduces the biological age:  10-years younger.



The chronological clock cannot be turned back but the biological clock certainly can! Every positive change will be embraced by the body it all depends on how much change you want to achieve.






Colin Deans x07894 508 427x. .


Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . .