Making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle can be both daunting and confusing. For some it can be associated with previous attempts and failures. But any one of those reasons can halt a charging elephant in their tracks, as that nagging inner voice of self doubt and fear of failure quite simply stop us from making changes.

Thankfully your history is not your destiny, and previous experiences, good and bad, are simply learning tools. The key to all success is to learn from mistakes and failures and not to be afraid of them.

Simply by reading this page you have demonstrated an enquiring mind and you will be at one of two possible places within the “Model of behavioural change”





The Contemplation phase is where we day dream about the possibilities, “the what if scenario.

You are, however, more likely to be at the preparation phase where you are gathering relevant information and making plans to make that leap: you’ve bought the gym gear, the nutri bullet and the self help book but yet to be christened.

My role is to get you started, form good habits that become second nature. We will focus on what you want to achieve and devise a road map that takes your lifestyle into consideration. This bespoke approach is vital in achieving your goals, one size does not fit all, it is a very personal journey.

For those that can and do, making positive lifestyle changes and keeping to them appears easy. Like most things that are mastered it looks effortless.





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Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . .