CORPORATE: How it works

I specialise in the health and well being for the over 40’s.

Many executives lead stressful lives, some stresses are beneficial to the creative and performance levels. However continued and prolonged stressors have a negative impact on the body, both physically and mentally. Which can manifest itself in low productivity and ill health. By nuturing and feeding the body my aim is to regain balance and equilibrium.

I offer personal training in the workplace for the busy and perhaps stressed executive. The ultimate convenient workout, all I require is an empty room space that is preferably quiet, as I supply the exercise equipment required for the session.

My qualifications and experience span many disciplines including nutritional therapy, functional training, sports conditioning, and psychology. This underlying variety of knowledge and experience enables me to work on a truly bespoke and holistic basis, applying a unique and innovative approach to excellent health.

Prior to the exercise sessions a PAR-Q Questionaire must be complete and a subsequent assessment and consultation session.


A Corporate Day consists of between four to eight,  one-to-one sessions per day.




Colin Deans x07894 508 427x. .


Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . .