Exercise is vital for good health and inactivity is one of the major causes of ill health in the UK. The type of exercise is instrumental in the kind of results you are after, not all exercise is created equal. Your exercise objectives, from fat loss to conditioning, are linked to quality nutrition as the recovery and energy required for exercise is crucial.

I will tailor the exercise programme to your current fitness levels, your objectives and your capabilities. It is my job to make sure the fitness route to success suits your timescale, commitment and lifestyle – everyone is different!

Feeling old or feeling your age invariably amounts to unspecified aches, pains, stiffness and a lack of mobility, which often results in an audible groan when getting up from a sitting or lying position! As time goes on these symptoms persist, get worse and have a huge negative impact on your wellbeing. Often preventing you from doing the activities you feel you are “too old” for.

These ailments of physical decline, although associated with ageing, are not inevitable on the contrary, they are both avoidable and reversible.

I specialise in exercise techniques that address those muscular imbalances and train your body to regain control, become pain free and mobile. I will dispel the myth that age is degenerative and make you feel 10 years younger.




Colin Deans x07894 508 427x.  www.10-yearsyounger.com . colin@10-yearsyounger.com



Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . www.10-yearsyounger.com .