Feeling unhealthy is the result of an underperforming body, which can manifest itself into a myriad of irritating symptoms: bloating, headaches, lack of energy, interrupted sleep, digestive problems and many more, very much like your car before it goes in for a service. Of course these days the mechanic pops the bonnet sets the car up for a full diagnostic test and can replace any faulty part.

Although I don’t have the ability to replace body parts I do have a human diagnostic test in the form of a comprehensive Nutritional and Lifestyle Questionnaire, which will highlight any area of concern and supply you with my “health” recommendations.

Sound nutrition is the key to good health, it is responsible for the health of every living cell in your body, and the new ones when they die! The old adage “you are what you eat”, is not quite right: “you are what you don’t poop out” Not getting enough of what the body needs generally make people feel unhealthy and washed out, often making an impact on appearance: skin, hair and eyes, all adding to that feeling of being unhealthy and feeling old.

Our actual age is known as chronological age and the rate at which we age is known as our biological age. Our biological age is dependent on our lifestyle choices which can slow down or accelerate the ageing process. Nutrition, as a lifestyle choice, has the biggest impact on biological age and with my recommendations we can rejuvenate your health and start to make you feel and look a few years younger!

If fat loss is one of your objectives then nutrition is the key to success and I will devise a strategy for change. It is not about calorie counting, deprivation or dieting. The body actually needs a lot of food, but it needs to be nutrient dense that becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. We need to break bad nutritional habits and replace them with effective ones that have a positive impact on your hormones and immune system.




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Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . .