Regenerate will elicit change at a steady pace and still require will power and commitment



2 sessions per week at home or studio



Revive is designed to rejuvenate the body and generally wake it up – the emphasis is on movement, mobility and body strength


1 session per week at home or studio


Nutritional advice and guidance




Transform is an immersive programme where total commitment is required to get results quickly and effectively



3 sessions per week at home or studio


Optimised nutritional programme, 1 coaching session


• Home sessions





01. revive

02. regenerate

03. TRAnsform


When you invest in Personal Training and Coaching it’s because you want positive changes and results !  The rate and amount of change will be determined by the route you take:


Small Group Training
Experience the benefits of the creativity and attention of personal training while lowering the costs. Participants must be of a similar level of fitness.
  • 2 participants £27.50 pp per session
  • 3 participants £20 pp per session
All classes restricted to a maximum of 4 participants (CoVid distance rules apply) £12.50 per class
  • All over body workout
  • Strength building and muscular endurance
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Short period of intense work followed by low intensity recovery periods.
  • To improve fitness and strength endurance
MMB (Mobility, Movement and Balance) Most popular class
  • Co-ordinated strength
  • Total Body workout
  • Increase body awareness and co-ordination
Supervised Gym Session
All sessions restricted to a maximum of 4 participants per session (CoVid distance rules apply) £10 per session
  • Personalised programme
  • Session timetable on request


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