Regenerate will elicit change at a steady pace and still require will power and commitment



12 week commitment


2 x PT sessions a week


Optimized/ personalized Nutritional programme

• Recipes and meals


Transform is an immersive programme where total commitment is required to get results quickly and effectively

12 week commitment


3 x PT sessions a week


Optimized / personalized Nutritional programme

• Recipes and meals

• Home sessions

Revive is designed to rejuvenate the body and generally wake it up – the emphasis is on movement, mobility and body strength


12 week commitment


1 x PT sessions a week


Nutritional advice and guidance




01. TRAnsform

02. regenerate

03. revive


When you invest in Personal Training and Coaching it’s because you want positive changes and results !  The rate and amount of change will be determined by the route you take:

In order to best serve your needs and get you back to great health and vitality I need detailed information about you. They are some things fairly generic and common to all, but for me to make this experience personal to your requirements I need to know a bit about you.


I have designed a comprehensive consultation questionnaire which relates to:

• General Health

• Lifestyle

• A symptoms profile (ailments of any nature)

• Your Objectives

• Commitments - Positive Actions (Clients)


Once I have received the Questionnaire I will arrange to meet up for a:

Health & Fitness Consultation and Assessment - where I perform a number of health checks and you perform a personalized Fitness assessment based on the information I have gathered from your questionnaire and consultation.


Once I have all the results I propose a training plan, with your approval, this may include nutrition changes, and daily exercises outside of our session time.


Perfect Fit Session                        -  £55.00

Home Session

(up to 5 mile radius of Wells)          -  £55.00

(up to 10 mile radius of Wells)         -  £60.00


I work from either the  Perfect Fit Personal Training Studio in Wells, Somerset or I am happy to see you at your Home for which we will need a minimum space of 3 metres.


All information gathered is kept private and confidential.

I believe that the best investment you can make is in your own health and well being, and a solid commitment to that investment has to be made. I ask for a minimum 3 months commitment, and we agree a weekly session plan. In order to best serve your needs and ensure continued good health and vitality I need detailed information about you.

How many sessions per week will you need? This will depend on your requirements and your current state of health. But commonly for the first 2 months, twice a week will suffice. As improvements are gained it is a normal ambition to move down to just once a week as long as you, the client, can take responsibility for home exercise between sessions.



Coaching the lifestyle changes to

look and feel 10 Years Younger

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contact colin on:  07894 508 427

contact colin on:x07894 508 427x


Colin Deans x07894 508 427x.  www.10-yearsyounger.com . colin@10-yearsyounger.com


Colin DeansX07894 508 427X . www.10-yearsyounger.com .